Thursday, April 23, 2009

DOT - sad news indeed -

I just don't understand it.

Back in 2007, a national figure, local hero, a Virginia university football player (who will remain nameless here but we all know who I am talking about), was arrested and convicted on dog fighting charges. That's bad enough.

Now, this month, a local police officer, someone who our children should be able to look up to, has been arrested on DOG FIGHTING charges (and these charges may be upgraded to more heinous ones). There was a 20-dog fight last week in a suburban neighborhood that neighbors report went on for over an hour ... ! What is WRONG with these people that they think, that anyone thinks, these behaviors are right, moral, good??? Do they want to be treated this way?!? Here is a link to an article about the incident(s). Below is some text from the first article I read and, within that text, there is a link to the Style Weekly article.

It just makes me sad.

Update: Dog Fight Investigation
Updated: 4/20/09 6:44 p.m.
The deputy charged in connection with a Henrico County dogfight is only facing misdemeanors, but tonight we're learning the charges may be upgraded.

Police pulled over 20 pit bulls and what can be considered dogfighting training equipment from the home in Varina.

That equipment is very damaging evidence.

Not only that, two dogs have died and four are now under the
care of a veterinarian for injuries consistent with dogfighting. Police seized dogfighting paraphernalia like dog rings, pulling sleds and harnesses, breaking bars and medical equipment and drugs. Michelle Welch, a well-known prosecutor in animal-fighting cases, says she's won many animal-fighting cases on paraphernalia. Welch says, "One thing isn't going to build a paraphernalia case. What is going to build a case is all the things that go along with dogfighting- dogfighting training videos, videos of dogfights themselves, bite-sticks to break apart the dogs- treadmills."
Welch says new laws- which make Virginia the toughest state in the nation for dogfighting- have many prosecutors in the state taking careful time with investigations.

She adds, "Dogfighting cases aren't your typical assault cases thatyou get everyday- most jurisdictions don't get a lot of them."

For now- Robinson remains out on bond. He's posted several no
trespassing signs around his home.
In the coming days- not only could the charges against him be upgraded, but he could have several new charges against him.

Updated: 4:48 p.m. 4/18/2009
A second pit bull connected to a dogfighting investigation in Henrico County has died.
22 dogs were removed from the backyard of a home on Miller Road in Varina last night, after a neighbor called police and reported the animals were fighting with each other.
One of the pit bulls was found dead in the yard, another was euthanized. Of the 20 surviving animals, two are still in the care of a veterinarian, while the other 18 are being kept at the Henrico County Animal Shelter.
Sources tell CBS 6 that the police are now investigating whether the pit bulls have any ties to professional dogfighting.

CBS 6 has learned that Robinson has been arraigned and given $2,000 bond.
He's been a member of the Richmond Sheriff's Department since March 2003.


Update: Dog Fight Investigation - CBS 6 - WTVR, Richmond Va -

Style Weekly is reporting new information at this hour, on a dog fight that happened in Henrico County Thursday night.
The pit bulls were in the backyard of a home on Miller Road in Varina and apparently started fighting with each other. A neighbor reported the chaos, alerting police to the not only dangerous situation, but also exposing a kennel of fighting dogs.
Style Weekly has confirmed that the owner of the animals, David William Robinson, was arrested and charged with the following: animal cruelty, torture and planning to promote or engage in animal fighting.
In addition, the weekly paper has learned that Robinson is a Corporal for the Richmond Sheriff's Office.
And according to Henrico Sheriff, Mike Wade, whose department made the arrest, Robinson is being held without bond Friday after threatening to harm himself during the arrest.
The dogs have been taken into the custody of Henrico Animal Control. One of the animals was killed as a result of the fighting.

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04/21/2009 10:57 AM


CraftyGryphon said...

It is sad.

It's also interesting that he figures "no trespassing" signs will keep the media out (if they're on the driveway, it won't, that's a semi-public right of way).

I'm betting he's figuring he can shoot anyone (even investigators) looking over his property "because not trespassing signs were posted". He doesn't sound like his moral compass is really all that great. I hope the investigators are careful...

Channon said...

WHAT?! And why hasn't that made *MY* local news?

Thistle Cove Farm said...

This sickens me. Those who hurt others have a special place in hell.

Sue said...

I hope they throw the book at him. Using his position of authority to hurt animals. Everyone also needs to be careful of dog theft in areas where there are fights. They steal family pets and use them as bait.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for speaking out on this. It is really very sad. How horrible, they steal family pets and use them as bait? I hope the Judge comes down hard!

KSee said...

Just terrible. This should have been pick up by the national news. Did the neighbors not know what was going on? Hard to believe

Paula said...

oh that is sad! I hope the book gets thrown at him!

Firefly Nights said...

I hadn't heard about this. I think dog fighting is disgusting and those who cause it to happen should go to prison and remain there for a LONG time.

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