Friday, April 24, 2009

Pure contentment


Oh, dear Robert Frost, forgive me for free-ranging the title of your famous poem...

I like to think that I live in the moment, that I savour every minute of every day while I trot around the globe visiting glorious sights and immersing myself in the culture. I take every road offered and seek many more besides as if I can't get enough travel. Today, however, I have a little confession to make: sometimes I simply don't care where I am. I don't need a plane to be transported. I don't need another road or a heart-breaking vista. In fact, I'm often very happy to be home. Why, you ask?

Because I'm knitting ..., of course.

Here's what I mean. In early March, I gave a workshop in San Capistrano, California, where I and a group of knitterly souls indulged in two days of all the things we collectively love (knitting, yarn, food, laughter, great company). Following that blissful interlude, my husband and I drove along the coastal route 1 from San Capistrano to San Francisco, including Big Sur named as one of the most beautiful coastal drives anywhere. We gave the reason that my birthday needed celebrating but if it hadn't been March, I'd have found another excuse. I just love to travel. I love to move. Besides, we were in California, not Nova Scotia...

...where the blizzards and ice storms whirled without us to keep them company while California put on a show of achingly beautiful proportions -- sunshine, seascapes, gasp-able vistas. You'd think I'd notice, right? But, as my husband drove past the stunning coastlines, I only occasionally peered out the window, being far too busy in my inner world to tear myself away. When deep in that inner realm of total absorption and contentment, externals don't seem to matter. I don't need the scenery, the stimulation. I was busy.

Please, I'm knitting.

For my friends who are ill or unable to travel for one reason or another, remember that your most perfect place on earth is still within. We knitters, crocheters, painters, writers, even readers -- anyone, in fact, who becomes fully engaged in something they love -- travel inward. Location is an enhancement, perhaps an elevation of inspiration or an accessory to our ultimate happiness by way of a goal, but the true perfect destination always begins very close at hand. Find that first and the best is sure to follow.

For knitters, it's all about the row not taken as much as the ones we knit in paths across our lives. I have many places yet to experience, many roads I hope to travel and rows yet to knit. All will elevate me in some way as long as I'm open to change and yet the ultimate best destination always starts inward. Find your peace there first.

I hope Jane Thornley doesn't mind, but I borrowed the above from her newsletter which I received via email this morning.

Why, you ask, did I feel compelled to share it with you guys? If you ask why, then you may not be fortunate enough to have an outlet that is a passion, a need, something that calms and soothes while nurturing your creativity and desire to be useful, all rolled up into one. Hopefully, then you will read the above again, keeping your mind open to discovering more about me as a "knitterly soul" and knitters as a community.

I often struggle to find the right words to describe what or how I feel; I want to write, but not to just write, but to write -- to take you with me through my words. When I read Jane's newsletter this morning, I thought "WOW - that's me! I feel like that about knitting too!"

Thanks Jane for giving words to my feelings.


Channon said...

Knitting and blogging have given me a lot of "What!?? You too?" moments...

Sue said...

Very well expressed. I have to drag myself into the outside world now and then to keep perspective.

stitching under oaks said...

I totally understand. Thanks for sharing was very well said.

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