Friday, May 22, 2009

Guild, Birthday and Ripped

Last Saturday we had a really nice guild meeting - several members worked with other members to teach / learn crochet basics. Having learned to crochet as a child, I thought, No problem - I'll sit in with the group learning to read a crochet chart...

... HA!

Boy was I wrong - I just could not get it, despite Linda D's best efforts.

I passed a knitting milestone this week, though. I knit Chris, my DearManFriend (DMF for short) a pair of socks. Yes, 2 socks, an entire pair! I was so thrilled as I completed sock number two that I almost missed that I had

Yes, you read that correctly! I had to frog the toe portion of sock number two and re-knit it! I learned a lot (how to correctly rip out a toe and how to figure out where I went wrong so I could do it right) - so I guess it is still a good thing.

Today is his birthday. I left the toes un-woven-in so that if the socks are too short, I can rip the toes out again and make the socks longer!

sock 2

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of ...

how the heal turns
how to deal with a frogged sock...!


Amanda said...

My grandmother taught me to crochet as a child but I never really felt comfortable doing it. Socks look good and how wise to leave the toes unwoven. I hope they fit.

Christina said...

The socks look great.
Happy Birthday to Chris!

Channon said...

Happy birthday to Chris, and congrats on the socks!

Firefly Nights said...

Please wish Chris a belated birthday.

Great idea leaving the socks open until he tries them on.

I haven't gotten into socks yet. So far I've made one tiny sock just to learn the process. So, you're ahead of me.

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