Monday, May 04, 2009

Wooly & Wet Weekend Weport ...

Friday we drove up to Maryland and had dinner at a cute little place called Stella Notte.

MS&W was good; overnight Friday/Saturday it rained, so Saturday dawned wet and puddly. About an hour into the festival (around 10 am) the skies opened up and poured for a while, but fortunately we were indoors in the main building shopping and visiting & visiting and looking.

Handknitted item worn: Stained Glass 'Anne' Shoulder Shawlette.

040 043

Friends found in Main Building: Mary (who reported Robin H & Bess sightings - I only saw Robin for a quick second, and Bess not at all), Cathy & Richard L (Cathy is the other Cathy at my Tuesday knitting group), and Lawre of Lawre's Laine (wonderful bags and pouches, oh my!), who is Jane's sister.

051 055

We got a little damp leaving there so we headed for the building where Boy Scouts (and the American Lamb group of some sort) were selling food and drink. Chris got some coffee and I sipped water, all while sitting down for a little while.

036 038 037

While resting and refreshing, a lady from Illinois (I think) came up to me and asked for the name of my shawl pattern. I told her and indicated it was in Ravelry. Ravelry? she asked. Yes, I responded. Are you on Ravelry yet? No, I have heard several people talk about it though. I offered to send her the pattern if she gave me her email address. She gave me her husband's address, so I'll be forwarding my typed notes along to her. We are so computer-oriented now that I forget that many, many people (probably older people?) still are not tied to technology. Unimaginable, I know, but they're out there.

Friends found post-morning-rain: River City Knitters Guild buds!

060 131

Back to the Day: Chris and I viewed and visited Buildings 2 and 3 as well as several animal barns - I have some great photos of goats and sheep, only a few of whom are photographed here.
094 014 109 024

Getting tired out again (remember, my back is still messed up, not even to mention the recently healed sprained ankle), we headed for the car to have a little lunch (Panera bagels, cream cheese, cookies and water).

Carrie calls on the cellie and drops by the car on her way back into the festival from her noon break. She and I leave Chris to doze and head off for some more adventure. We find that lots more folks have arrived and proceeded to clog up all the open spaces! We wiggled our way through several more buildings, then headed over to the Wild Fibers booth to work on the Worlds Longest Scarf Project. If you are unfamiliar with this effort to benefit Heifer International, please go to either website and find out more. While knitting I meet fellow Raveler PixiePam (pictured below in pink MSW ball cap - she'd been volunteering at the Merchandise booth all morning and was so happy to sit and knit for a little while. She reported that it was a blast working the booth and that she'd be willing to do it again next year (note to self: why not?).

128 127
We also ran into Barb #2 (TNKer, waving below), Linda (standing with Chris) and Isobel. None of these three folks are bloggers, but they should be posting their photos ... at least two of them I know are good photographers...
071 068
Blue Moon and Sox that Rock are on the agenda (talk about a traffic jam!). Carrie somehow managed to actually get in to touch the yarn (see head in below photo with visor? that's Carrie) - I admired it from afar since I was not buying at this point.


Next, on to the Merchandise area

033 - where Carrie bought something I can't remember and I bought a MSWF euro-style sticker. I had previously purchased a yellow 2009 festival t-shirt at the T-shirt Express Tent the organizers had intelligently placed at the entrance to the fair this year, so I was not in the market for any more schtuff.

Fiber report: My only yarn goodies were purchased in the first half of the day ... a 30% discounted hank of Twist from Dancing Leaf Farms and 3 skeins of a new yarn from Autumn House Farm (one of my new favorite places to get yarn fix).



KSee said...

Great report. Love the sheep in a coat. Maybe one year I will go.

CraftyGryphon said...

Ooooo!! Yep, I'm definitely going whichever year I get the OK from the doctor!

Thanks for the great report!

Robin C said...

well looks like you had a good weekend. I was wondering about the weather. We did good in Virginia Beach. Since it did rain, I'm glad I changed my mind.

Channon said...

Very nice! One of these years, I'll get there...

CraftyGryphon said...

PS, we should totally get together for lunch some weekend this summer in Frederick/Fredericksburg (whichever is the VA one). There's a yarn store near the college, and a cross-stitch store in Old Town...!

Sue said...

What a fun time. Why didn't I know about this when I lived in Maryland?

Isn't it fun to find people who don't know about Ravelry and open up a whole new world of fun to them?

stitching under oaks said...

Sounds like a great time! Thanks for sharing. I have some dancing leaf farm yarn...she lives pretty close to me...dangerously close. You'll enjoy knitting with it.

Firefly Nights said...

We went on Sunday afternoon and only ran into Mary. It would have been nice to be there the same day the rest of you went, but we had no lines for anything and there was never any problem getting around people to look at things in a booth. I never did do the outside tent booths, but given the pleasant conditions in the other buildings I'll go on a rainy day anytime.

jane said...

I love reading your post since I wans't there!!!! Thank you! Jane

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