Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Clap, clap, clap-o-teee

- it does not look like an easy word to pronounce, but go ahead and pronounce it like it appears in my title (without the first 2 'clap's though) and you've got it. Try it, it's kinda fun to roll it around in your mouth.

What is it? Knitters know, don't you? For non-knitters everywhere, it is a wrap, a shawl-type garment that is wider than a scarf, but definitely not a coat or cape. Here's a photo from Knitty when the pattern premiered:

After a couple of false starts, I decided to used a different yarn than what I'd originally started with. I am using The Shearer's Yarn in Turquoise. The wonderfully talented and prolific but unfortunately blogless Issy brought her second clap to TNK last night and I examined it (b/c mine looked odd to me). She advised me that once I start dropping stitches, it will look more like it should and that also, once I was done and had conditioned it and blocked it, it would look better to me. Whew! because I love the color of this yarn and I hope, hope she's right (no pressure Is! lol)


Today, right now actually, my dear Chris's mom is undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous growth from her stomach.... please keep them in your prayers, ok? Thank you.
(10 pm update: the surgery went well; the docs think they got all the cancer, but they also got all her stomach. Everyone is optimistic. Again, thanks for good wishes.)


Channon said...

Prayers going up. Keep me posted.

And yes, it will look more like the photo(s) as you start dropping stitches and even moreso after some blocking. Love the color!

Robin C said...


I'll being praying for the family. Hope Chris is doing ok. Like the look of the new blog. Very pretty and easy to read.

Judy W said...

I love your new layout!! Awesome and easier to read.

I just said a prayer for Chris's mom. Hope she gets better quickly.

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