Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clapping et cetera

My clapotis is coming along - it's all I have been working on - it is semi-mindless knitting and sometimes that's what you need.
clapotis wip
Also on the knitting front, I have been gathering 'stuff' for my other hobby swap partner on Ravelry. It is a secret swap so none of us know who will be sending us goodies. I bought some wonderful handspun my friend Patsy made as well as some fabric and other sewing goodies since my pal is a seamstress , sewer (?). We are to send out our packages no later than the 20th, but no earlier than today.... With my procrastination skills, you can bet mine won't go out this week (sorry secret pal).

Chris's mom is doing well; thank you for all the well-wishes and prayers - keep 'em coming though because there's a good deal of recovery yet to come. Today is a week since the surgery, and she is doing laps around the ward where her room is (in the brand-new Critical Care Hospital at VCU Health Center). Yes - well, ok - a lap each time she is up - but I was amazed at how quickly they get the patients up post-surgery. Her cheeks are pink and she is getting a little grumpy - both good signs!

This is the last week of school for Chesterfield County and I think my son T is looking forward to not having to get up early every day - he works evenings - making pizza and taking orders at a local Papa John's. I am looking forward to not having to wake him up early every day! The kid is a bear in the morning!


Channon said...

Clappy's looking great!

LOVE Papa John's pizzas... I bet T will hate 'em soon.

jane said...

That's the same unit where Rob recovered from his surgery and I was amazad at how nice it was after the trauma of the surgery! The nurses were fantastic!

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