Thursday, June 25, 2009

DOT - Tico - cutie pie, speed enforcer, general nuisance

This is Tico ... you may have met him before ... I don't remember if I have posted about him lately.... Tico is a sato - a Puerto Rican stray - who we adopted in 2004. He's sweet, loving and a good kisser when he is in the house!

He is also the neighborhood's general nuisance number 1... when Tico escapes (b/c there is NO other word for it) he chases cars (speeding cars, that is - the county should put a radar gun and ticket book on him), barks incessantly and won't come to anyone ... he'll run toward you only to slow down and then dart off to the left or right... ARGHHHH

When he gets hungry enough or thirsty enough, he will deign to come in the house and risk incarceration. He eats, slurps gallons of water then sleeps for a day or two ...

Then we have to patrol the doors again in an effort to keep the little darling from escaping yet again!

If you live near me - I apologize for him. If you don't, then go ahead and enjoy his tale!


knittinwolf said...

What a cute pup! Happy DOT!

Tina. said...

hahahahahah! He sounds like a great guy, and will keep you young!

Sue said...

And he looks so innocent!

Channon said...

I'm with the others - he's so cute to be so much trouble!

Cat said...

Doesn't he just look so innocent? Outside, though, you'd swear that he had a pitch-fork tail! LOL. He is definitely a character!

Amanda said...

Aw, I've got to give him a virtual cuddle!

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