Monday, June 01, 2009

Wool - a gift from the East

My cousin recently spent three months working in Baku, Azerbaijan. Each time someone in the family goes any where cool, I ask them to bring me some yarn, if they go anywhere yarn / wool / cotton / etc. is processed or sold (which, as any knitter knows, is basically everywhere in the world - but not everyone is game to seek out such a prize).

During her time there, K went to an area of the country where Persian rugs are made by hand. While there, she toured a studio (?) and bought me some beautiful wool! This link shows the types of wool and rugs produced where she visited. I don't know if this is the exact place she toured, but it is very similar from what my aunt and uncle described to me. K and I talked via email and she added this about the tour: "... The area is famous for both Persian and Caucasian rugs (very similar in quality, just design is different). The workshop I went to was definitely geared towards Caucasian-designed rugs but did use Persian methods of hand-dying the wool..."

I haven't seen K yet, but when I stopped by to visit her folks over the weekend, they had the yarn for me! What a treat. My wool looks a lot like the below photo (which shows yarn that has been spun but not dyed) except one ball is a lovely pale green and one ball is a rosey pink. Take a look at the link above, and I'll update you guys as I explore what I will make with the wool, etc.


Channon said...

Look at that! That's really, really neat.

CraftyGryphon said...

Wow, that's pretty darned cool. I just read a book that said something about that area being one of the first in the WORLD to discover weaving. (Talk about traditionally-made yarn!!)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

So interesting and truly enjoyed this post. I've had visitors from that part of the world and hope one day to visit there.
Your cousin is blessed as are you for this lovely gift.

KSee said...

I do the same thing when friends leave the country. On of the designers brought me back some lace weight from Peru last year. She is now on her way to New Zealand. I did not mention it but I hope she remembers.

I did not know that rung were into diversity. Persian and Caucasian? I guess I could search it out but..not. Enjoy your yarn as these are the special gifts that make up for all the other poop. Cleaned that up, I did.

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