Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Honest Scrap Award

Sandra has honored me with this award and as honoree I am supposed to tell readers ten things they may not know about me. Relatively easy (maybe) . . . and then I have to tag 10 other people with this award, let them know they have received it, and then let Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm know I'm on board. I say relatively above because Sandra has an adventurous streak in her!

OK - 10 things you may not know about me -

1. I was born in Kansas - Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in fact. For most folks, when they hear Fort Leavenworth or Leavenworth - they immediately think of the federal prison...

Old United States Disciplinary Barracks 001

NO, I was not born in prison (despite my sister's assertions that I was)! Fort Leavenworth is the location of an Army college. My father was a student and since they have family quarters on post, my mother (me in utero) and sister had accompanied him to school.

In order to put my being born in our nation's heartland into focus, I have to mention that my sister just happened to be born in Paris, France, which naturally brings to mind haute couture, divine food and champagne.

2. I love yellows and oranges -- they make me happy. I can't wear them, but I love them... so I have a yellow and white kitchen!

3. Joe, my dachshund, is my I-have-wanted-a-dachshund-all-my-life-dog. He has filled in those shoes wonderfully, too. He is a darling little guy.

4. I threw myself a 40th birthday party a few (ahem, be nice) years ago.

5. I worked in NYC for 2 years after college and lived upstate on the Hudson River in Ossining and Peekskill, New York. Each day I commuted in on the Metro North train. I loved learning about the area and riding the train to work remains the best way to go! The Hudson River in the morning is one of the most beautiful sights ever.

6. While I lived in close proximity, I never got to visit the Statue of Liberty. I did go up in the World Trade Center (don't remember which Tower). A friend, Avril, was a clerk typist for a law firm and she took me and another friend up to their offices to see the incredible views up there. It was quite a magnificent view of the Statue.

7. Speaking of New York, almost four years ago (September 30, 2009) I had the pleasure of accompanying three good friends to see Paul McCartney live at Madison Square Gardens. It remains the best show I have ever seen, even topping the thrill of seeing Yule Brenner in The King and I on Broadway.

On that same trip to NYC, we visited the 9/11 site. This collage hung in the little church adjacent to the site:
8. The house I live in now is the place I have been the longest ever... since dad was in the Army, we did not settle anywhere. I have lived in this house for 15 years, for me a world record.

9. I love leather furniture but not leather upholstry in cars...

10. I'm engaged.

I don't want to tag anyone or put anyone on the spot, but I'd love some of my fellow bloggers to do this too... how about it, Robin C., Chan, Roseann, CJ, Alice, KSee, Jane, Christina, Beth, Robin H. if you have time... and anyone else too, please!


Channon said...

Wow! I knew exactly one of those - the last one. (The most exciting one?)

I'll play along, if for no other reason than it will allow me to dodge posts I SHOULD do, but require more effort than I seem to be able to put forth of late.

jane said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!! Jane

Alice said...

You're engaged!!!! Congratulations!

THanks for tagging me too, I will have to think about my post...

Christina said...

Congratulations! We're happy for both of you.

Orange and yellow - wow!

Sue said...

Congratulations! What a sneaky way to tell us. I hope you'll be very very happy.

Judy W said...

You're engaged?! How wonderful! I can't wait to hear more about it. Have you set a date yet??

How's the Clapotis coming? I will miss the July guild meeting, so be sure to bring it again in August. I'd like to see it.


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