Monday, July 20, 2009

What's going on?

So many things non-knitting related have been happening that I don't even know where to start!

Mid week (last week) the house was not really cooling which was annoying since the humidity had settled back in (had been on a little tiny hiatus which was most welcome). By Thursday evening it was apparent that the outside unit (as opposed to the unit in the attic) was not whirring correctly (the fan blades were not turning despite the machine's best efforts - which is what clued me in - an unnatural sound from the side yard). Friday morning I called the repair guys to see if they could come and take a look at it. They were able to come Friday afternoon! What a coup for us ... usually it is a day or two before anyone can come out but I guess humidity's hiatus was lucky for us and bad for the hvac business.

In the meantime we had no telephone or internet service... what's going on?!? Friday evening I got on the phone with Verizon so they could walk me through some steps to determine if the problem was in the house (our fault-we pay for service call) or outside (their fault-no charge). Despite our best efforts to find something easy, nothing seemed to be wrong inside (yeah / boo ... yeah b/c it would not be something they'd charge us for / boo because that meant that we'd have to wait days until someone could come out and see what the problem actually was). Sunday a nice young man come by in a Verizon van and determined that somehow a line must have been cut b/c service was not getting from the box to the house. He rigged us up a line and put in a request for someone to come over and bury the new line.

Saturday evening, I cut up leftover pork roast to make BBQ (for you non-southerners that means I cut the roast up to cook it down into shreds of pork and seasonings to make sandwiches out of). I crockpot cooked it overnight and the house smelled great when we got up on Sunday morning. Also Saturday evening I made a frozen lime pie for Chris's dad who'd had a birthday during the week. Both dishes were more than worth the effort involved... yum!

Did I tell you guys about Chris putting in some new plumbing fixtures because we needed some upgrades? No? Well, here's a photo of The New Thinker posed upon an outgoing fixture.
the new thinker
Didn't want to have an entirely photo free post, now did we?


Channon said...

SNOL... That made me laugh! Love that photo!

CraftyGryphon said...

Whouf. I just love Verizon - they're really good about running through every bleedin' thing that might be the customer's fault first, when usually it's (a) not and (b) if they started on the "not" list the problem is usually the third thing going.

Most people *do* check to see that the telephone is plugged in before calling!

Amanda said...

Looks like Mr Murphy decided to pay you a visit. I hope he has left now!

Sue said...

You've had a busy week. Hope you're cooler and back in contact with the rest of the world. Don't you just love those phone carriers who don't want to admit it might be their problem?

Thistle Cove Farm said...

And we've been sleeping under blankets due to the chilly weather! About Verizon, did you check out my Verizon post a few days/weeks ago? We were without a phone for 8 days because a storm knocked out their transformer. The Verizon women were really ugly about it all; kept insisting it was something we could fix.
In doing Verizon research, we found out they have the Worst Customer Service of ALL the phone companies!
The service guy is always great to us and, when the female employees can 'manage' to get our names on the "fix" list, he gets us up and back on line in a very short while.
Boo, hiss on Verizon; they need some stiff competition or a couple of months in a bread line.

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