Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween, Thanksgiving then Christmas ... oh where has the year flown?

Tomorrow, Halloween, I am taking an introductory weaving class with The Maidens Weaver, aka Cherri Hankins, fellow member of Virginia Knits. She will teach me (hopefully I will learn) to dress my loom and start to weave something. My friends Robin C., Alice (aka Lady of the Loom) and the blogless Cathy L. have inspired me with tales, photos and actual pieces of fabric they have lovingly woven (?) on their looms. Cathy and Alice are veteran weavers where Robin, like me, is a novice. But, fiber is fiber, right?! Of course right!

About a month ago, I ran across a LeClerc Penelope loom on Craigslist that needed a new home. The owner had had no nibbles so when I offered a lower than listed price, she accepted, much to my surprise and pleasure! As it turned out, she too is a downtown Richmond legal employee so we were able to meet pretty quickly and sort out details. Since the Penelope is a table top loom, it wasn't that big a deal logistically, but it was fun to get it so quickly! My loom looks alot like the below Penelope II.

But what about my knitting, you wonder? I'm still knitting away on several projects simultaneously:

- the man sweater: still in the works, about half done

- Beautiful Ishbel: languishing... due to attention being taken by gift knitting..
- Beige Alpaca Coin Lace Clapotis: coming along fine - probably also about half done

- gift Main Morning Mitts (fingerless): 1 down, second one almost finished!

- gift outwear team-colored garment: starting nicely, moving along quickly (vagueness necessary, sorry)

Chris, Tom and the furbabies are all doing pretty well. We lost one of our older dogs recently, though I have not blogged about it because I just didn't want to. She was very, very old (we're not even sure how old b/c she was old when she came to us) and was past ready to go to doggie heaven and chase butterflies and chomp on bones all day long.... she was not happy that she was not able to be a 'good girl' inside anymore and we were not happy cleaning floors several times a day.... sometimes it stinks to be the grown-up, doesn't it?
Thanksgiving will be upon us soon, and I hope everyone enjoys readying their homes and hearts for the holidays.

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Channon said...

Even if the time is right, it's still sad to let go of a pet.

Enjoy the loom and weaving!

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