Thursday, October 22, 2009

Missing Tech Student

Today, Thursday, new details emerge - the young lady who mistakenly left the concert while looking for a bathroom, ended up outside of the Arena - she could not get back into the concert because of a no re-entry policy... while I understand the philosophy for the policy, what are folks thinking leaving a teenager (and a FEMALE one at that) outside in a strange town while her friends are inside attending a university sponsored event?? Click here for original article on Richmond TV station website.


CraftyGryphon said...

I've been praying for that girl since I heard about it. Ever since little Taylor Behl went missing (she was from around here), I've worried about *any* college age girl that vanishes.

I know how little I really understood about the Bad in the world at that age. I really hope, by some miracle, that she's okay.

alicia said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Morgan and her family. I pray she makes her way home safe and sound and can be with her family.
My son was at the same Metallica/Lamb of God concert at John Paul Jones Arena as Morgan. It scares me to think he was right there when something like this was happening. (He was only 14 at the time of the concert) so It made me just never know whats going to happen... My Son thought I was being silly when I told him to be careful and not to walk away with anyone, to stay with who he went to the concert with and do not leave the concert until it was over and he was coming home... Id like to say, it may be mostly females that are in danger BUT its not only females... a boy can be abducted just as easily. Everyone needs to be aware of what's going on around them and be as careful as possible. I hope Morgan Harrington is ok and someone will find her alive and well.

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