Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TNK, WIPs and FOs and other things not alphabetical

Last night was TNK - one of my favorite nights during the work week! The group was relatively medium this week - only about 16 of us! I was going to say 'small' but once I counted, I realized that it wasn't a small group after all... Barabara #2 had celebrated a birthday over the week-end and brought a stack of books to share with us - and lots of chatter - as her family had been quarantined over her birthday-day due to both children having the H1N1 flu!

Christina returned (after quite a lengthy absence I might add), and it was nice to see her. I did not get to catch up with her much, but I am sure we will soon. Mary and Alice were handspinning and knitting (respectively) ... we are a diverse group. I did not (remember to) bring my camera, so sadly no photos to post... sorry :( Renny showed off a lovely shawl (Rav link) made from Tilli Thomas and a linen yarn alternated... the sheen was amazing!

I have not an FO in sight and too may WIPs! Chris' sweater is still in progress, as are my Ishbell and Coin Lace Clapotis shawlettes.


Do you see Jetta's little face up there at the top of the photo? She is almost touching the project ... a whisker might even be doing it (I bet she's thinking she's gotten one over on me!)! Kids!


Alice said...

THanks for posting a picture of your project! I didn't get to see it up close last night.

Good to see you and hope your head is better today. And that it is not the prequel to H1N1...

Sue said...

I see the nose. Isn't amazing how nosy they are?

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