Monday, December 07, 2009

FOs - knitting and sewing

Many, many FO's to report upon, but no photos yet. I completed my sister's Christmas project (!) and did manage to show it off over the weekend at our annual Christmas guild meeting and luncheon. This year Sharon cooked up a FashionKnit fashion show featuring both garments knit up by we guild members and by the local knitting shops. So many pretty things and so few pictures, alas. I will edit or repost at some point when I can borrow some photos from other members of the guild!

I also finished 1.5 sewing projects I am working on - both are also Christmas gifts so I cannot show them yet, either!

I am still working away on Chris's sweater. I am hopeful I can get it done (or almost done) for Christmas enjoyment (please cross your fingers for me here, ok?).

Hope you all had a good weekend- ours was wet on Saturday and nice and cold on Sunday - 18 more shopping / knitting days until Christmas - O M G!!! `


Channon said...

I've ordered Christmas cards - does that count? I have purchased a couple of gifts, but my heart just isn't in it this year.

Sue said...

I'm trying to finish but obstacles keep popping up. My spirit is lagging and I'm fighting the flu. But I'm trying!!

Anonymous said...

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