Monday, February 22, 2010


Knitting, working; working, knitting...

That's about all I have to report! I feel like that's all I do - go to work, come home, fix dinner for my men and 'mules, knit some while watching TV, go bed and do it all over again the next day!

That is not to say, though, that I don't enjoy my weekends, no-sir-ee-bob! Saturday morning, Chris and I decided to go to a movie. Because I don't like crowds, we went early - we saw a 12:30 pm showing of Shutter Island - can you say - whew?!

One article I read said that it was over long... I disagree; both of us enjoyed it and were caught off guard by the twist at the end (no, I won't divulge it here so no worries). Another article (or maybe the same one, I don't remember) said that since Leonardio diCaprio always played off his boyish charms, he could not pull this one off... again, I disagree. If suspense and psychologogial thrillers are not your thing, don't see this one.

On the knitting front, I have several FO's to report: (1) the purgatory sweater (aka Chris's jacket) is complete. Yay! It fits great (yeah, just like someone knitted it just for him) and is warm. Here he is wearing it the second I got the zipper installed. Gave it to him as an early Valentine's present (instead of the really late Christmas gift that it really was).


Also, on Ravelry, I am participating in a scarf swap and I have completed my partner's scarf ... are you ready for this...?... ten days early! Yes! It turned out lovely, and I so hope she enjoys it. I am not going to post a photo yet, but I will once she receives her package.

Happy knitting all to all.


Robin C said...

well I am impressed. You did a marvelous job with Chris' sweater. I bet he loves it.

Also would like to see the scarf.

Channon said...

Wow. I'm impressed too! Lovely sweater. And a movie? That's something I might beg for this weekend too.

Sue said...

Yea, isn't it great to finish a long project and have it appreciated?

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