Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In a word

In (w)one word, Wicked was wonderful! After work on Thursday I met El and Va at St. John's United Church of Christ and enjoyed dinner in fellowship with El's cousin, her children, and others.

Once dinner was done, we walked the few blocks over to the Landmark Theater (FKA The Mosque) just in time, basically. Lots of people continued to mill about but the staff shut the entry doors promptly at 7:30 - lots of people missed the opening number of the show because they had not returned / found their seats yet. We were told when we handed our tickets to the ticket-takers that the show would start promptly at 7:30 and it did. I have put two links to the theater on purpose - the first one is a site set up years ago and includes lots of interesting info about the theater itself; the second one - The Mosque - is the 'real' one which reflects current shows, speakers, etc.

Wicked was 3 full hours but it went by really quickly - this show does not drag and keeps your interest throughout. Now I want to see it in other venues and compare!

On the knitting front, I am almost done with the vest (Nov. 07 Creative Knitting) I have been working on (yay) . Here's a photo borrowed from Creative Knitting:

... and I sent out a 'seed' scarf today... what the heck is a seed scarf they ask -- well, a seed scarf is the beginning of a group effort. A group of folks agree that they will each knit on each others project and then pass it along to the next person in the chain. For example, I sent my fledgling Lengthwise Scrappy Scarf to Suz. Suz sent her fledgling scarf to someone else. I will receive Michelle's scarf this week. I will knit on M's scarf then send it along to Suz, and so on until all the scarves have made the trek around the circle - which is actually around the USA because all of us live in different parts of the county. Below is a photo borrowed from that pattern also:

Don't you love pattern photos?! I do - they inspire and challenge me. I hope mine is as pretty as this one - doesn't it look like it was woven instead of knitted?


Sandra said...

So glad you enjoyed Wicked and the Mosque is a lovely theatre. We're seeing the same NYC cast when it's in Charlotte, this summer. I saw it a few years ago in London and was absolutely floored!

Channon said...

So are you "in" if Wicked EVER comes to the Paramount?!

Sue said...

It does look woven. Can''t wait to see your version.

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