Thursday, May 06, 2010

MS&W 2010 and the Prom

Since I was not able to attend MS&W this year (see below), I have been avidly reading descriptions and seeking out photos from this year's festival. This blog, Araignees Tangled Web, has a great description and wonderful photos - almost makes you feel like you're there (without the heat LOL).

And on this famous knitter's site, you can even see a fellow TNK'r Barbara 2 (Barb is way down in the MS&W post in a blue festival t-shirt in a photo labeled as a 'fan' whose name the author could not remember)! Friend of the acquaintance of the famous - that's me!

The third blog on which I enjoyed reading about the festival is here, on the Knitter's Review website. Again, good photos and great descriptions.

I could not go to Maryland because my son T, a senior in H.S., was attending his prom the same night. Here is my son and his girlfriend M in her parent's front yard prior to the prom... don't they look lovely and so grown up? I think so. You can't tell from this photo, but M's dress sparkles too.


Channon said...

You can kinda' see the sparkles on the skirt... Thanks for sharing a photo with us!

Prom trumps MDSW. Maybe next year won't be so hot?

Sue said...

What a handsome couple and I like the dress, my fave color.

Judy said...

They look so cute! And your son is very handsome.

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