Monday, July 19, 2010

July is almost gone, but where did June go?

It's been hectic in my little world lately, but I'm still out here, doing something, trying to get by and have fun while doing it! 

This month, River City Knitters' meeting consisted of a dyeing demonstration facilitated by Andrea McGee.  Here are a couple of photos - I had not planned to get my hands dirty per se, but ended up getting drawn in anyway!

The second photo is another member's dye-job - mine turned out looking like a rainbow - it will be real interesting to see how it comes out once it is 'cooked' and dried.  Andrea took our works home with her, and we'll have to wait until August to see them!

Interestingly, Clothos Handspinners also had dyeing on their July agenda... I attended with some friends, but did not participate actively b/c I had not signed up.  Here's a photo of Olivia (see Virginia Knits) 'helping' a fellow dyer!
Clothos Dyers

Now, being a curious person and having attended two dyeing workshops, I was itching to give it a go.  At the RCK meeting, one member described how she'd made up some food coloring paste dye and put a commercially produced wool skein in the dye and let the dye wick up into the skein - it came out soooo cool that I knew this is what I had to do.  So, I grabbed a skein of

Fisherman wool label  and mixed up some food coloring paste dye. Here's a photo of it cooking in my crockpot - I cropped it a little b/c the white of the yarn came out REALLY too white even though the yarn started out more cream in color....

Crock pot yarn1
The skein and the loose yarn is home now, dripping and drying.  I'll still have to unwind the skein and rewind it into a new ball.  Now, you're just going to have to wait with me to see how it all turns out!

Keep your fingers crossed.


Channon said...

Interesting. The Knight finds dyeing far more curious than I do. I like seeing the process, but have zero interest in trying my hand at it. I should also note that I refused to participate in tie-dye shirt "parties" when I was younger.

Judy said...

I can't wait to see how your paste-dyeing turns out. (By the way, Andrea posted pics of the finished yarn on the yahoo site, if you want to see your rainbow yarn now.) Now you've inspired me to get busy and dye some yarn I bought years ago at Stitches....

Nichole said...

I took a class with Cheryl from Cherry Tree Hill a couple years back and your photos reminded me of that! It was fun... but I realized I didn't want to make that mess in my own house, nor did I have the time, lol.

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