Thursday, July 29, 2010

So, you wanna see the results? Dyeing to know?

Here is my special skein - one photo in hank form:
hank o dyed yarn 1
and one wound into a ball:
What do you think? 

My plan is to knit this up into EZ's Rib Warmer a la 1956 or 1972 (or is it 1984)?  Either way, it's a classic.  I recently purchased SO17 from the School House Press website - have you been there?  A pattern sheet for $1.00.  That's right, one whole dollar.  Can't beat it with a stick!

Last weekend, I went to Culpeper with some fellow TNKers to visit Doghouse Yarns & More - report on that yarn crawl to come another day!


CraftyGryphon said...

Oooo, that's really pretty! It reminds me of wisteria... and the wallpaper at my grandmother's house, upstairs, in my mom's old room (that's a good thing)!!

Channon said...

Pretty! Congrats on adding yarn dyer to your resume.

Robin C said...

like the colors very grape. I must go to that website. Not sure what EZ I want to do.

Amanda said...

That's going to look great. I've had that pattern in my queue for ages - waiting for the right yarn to come along. Hurry up and knit so we can see yours!

Nichole said...


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