Monday, August 02, 2010

Dog House Yarns & More ... trip to Culpeper

Two Saturdays ago, I went to Culpeper for (yarn) shopping and luncheoning with some TNK friends (Barbara 2, Christina, Issy, Linda, Mary and Renny).  We took the quick route up I95 and then out Route 17 (I think) toward Culpeper - it was uneventful which was fine because we all just wanted to be there and see the new shop our friend had opened!

Dog House Yarns & More is located in a little strip shopping center on Sunset Lane (there are good directions on their website as well as background info about Culpeper too).  Culpeper is a really, really quaint little town and I had no idea it was so doggone cute!  I definitely want to go back and explore on a more comfortable day.  The temperature in downtown Culpeper at 3 pm was 109 F - yes - it actually read 109 !! I guess that was just the heat index - but hot enough that smart people should have all been inside and, as you can see in my photos of Davis Street (looking each way outside the restaurant we ate in), most folks were relatively smart!
view to the left down Davis Street

view to the right down Davis Street 
Outside the restaurant looked like these two photos (do you see any people?) while inside was cool and interesting (see photos below).  But I have sped up and skipped over the visit to the shop - so I will back up a little.

I don't know why the photos are formatting so oddly, but please bear with me!

On to the actual shop visit,  Dog House Yarns & More has a comfortable feel and the owners could not have been more accommodating to our group.

There are comfy arm chairs to curl up and knit in, tables to hold the many pattern books to peruse, and bin after bin of yarn to fondle and dream about!

It was a wonderful visit and meal and I am looking forward to going up again soon, but I do think I will wait until the weather is cooler - at least below 90 F !!!


Channon said...

Glad you enjoyed it, despite the heat! Hopefully I can meet up with you next time.

Nichole said...

Great pics! Thanks for stopping by and entering my contest... please come back soon! :) And of course you can recognize CHAN on my blog! ;-)

Nichole said...

Congrats! You just won my contest for the copy of Brave New Knits! Please email me your snail mail addy as soon as you can!

Sandra said...

Hi Cathy, sure hope you check your blog mail -smile-. I'm in Richmond for a few weeks, until mid February and thought I'd ask about yarn shops, etc. We're staying in Glen Allen.

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