Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vacation to Fla. - Day 1 - Leaving Las Verginia ...

OK - so we hit the open road ... well, yeah. Tom promptly fell asleep and I felt like I wanted to! Contrary to popular belief, I95 south is really a boring drive. I know, can you believe it?! I stopped at a Wendy's at about mile 120, then stopped to get gas at about mile 270 (this is from Richmond). Car getting decent mileage (glad I got an oil and air filter change yesterday!).

Because the day was wearing on (and it was almost 8 pm and we can't check in at the condo in Florida till Sunday), we stopped for the night in Ridgeland, SC, at the Comfort Inn. The room is clean and there are 2 pools - Tom is off wandering around in his bathing trunks in case he feels like getting wet.

I am done for the day! Had a Corona with dinner and am looking forward to sleep and getting to Sunterra tomorrow.

Items we forgot to bring: Tom - his retainers; Me - the flippin' digital camera (if you can believe that). My cellie has a decent camera and I recently got a memory card for it, so I guess I will be documenting this trip on it!

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