Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dogs on Thursday & W I P

I have joined a doggie blog - go figure! So, below you will see Lowi (American Rat Terrier) and Joe (lh doxie). I don't have a story or quip ready, but will hopefully next week be ready on Thursday!

Oh, and since this is a blog which celebrates (?) my knitting prowess, below is a photo of the mommy blankie (it's a gift!) - it is about 2/3 finished now.


Paula said...

Ahhhh! With faces as cute as those who needs words! :)

Welcome to Dogs on Thursday!
You are all signed up.

Mary said...


Donna said...

I love dogs on Thursday. It is such fun to have an official day to talk about the digs. Your dog is so sweet! What a charmer. More pics please.

Donna said...

Hey forgot to say that I love Feather and Fan and your colors are very soothing in the blanket. Nice job!

Kasia said...

Hey, blankie looks soo cute! And your doggies are just to hug!

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