Tuesday, October 02, 2007

TNK take 2 - this is getting old. fast.

I lost another draft. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I hope I figure it out.

Tonight is knit night. I hope I have enough energy to attend. Last night I drove T (DearSon) hither and yon and back again, so I did not get home for good until 8-ish.

I had written about going to the fair with R.S. (Virginia State Fair) and seeing the ribbons won by my knitting friends Issy, Amy and Jon. I have a photo of Issy's first place entry here, and will post the others as soon as I get a chance. I loved seeing all the animals too. I never knew there were so many different types of chickens, rabbits, pigeons, etc.

I also had written about joining a stitchmarker swap. I received 5 lovely red-beaded markers several weeks ago, and LOST the envelope - so I have not been able to thank my sender properly. I hope she reads this at some point!!! Thank you - I am looking forward to using them on an upcoming lacy stole project starting soon. My recipient also received hers this week (in photo). The red markers are those I received.

Because I have become somewhat obsessed with my knitting, I asked for and received a Christmas Knitter's Swap partner! My partner is European, has an American hubby and they have a lovely little girl... I don't want to identify her more than that at this point because it is also a secret swap. I am looking forward to putting her package together (I'll just call her CSP for Christmas Swap Partner, ok?)


Mary said...

Hooray for Issy's blue ribbon!

Anonymous said...

I would be so happy if you come on sirpriz to swap with us !

Mama (french) http://www.sirpriz.com
Swaps gift
Echange de cadeaux, swaps et amitié

Kasia said...

Stichmarkers are sooo lovely! I am very happy that you enjoy your CATWKS partner!
I tagged you! Go to my blog for instructions :D

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