Monday, March 17, 2008

Knitters Holiday Swap Spring Gift arrived today!

What a happy Monday thing - to have a wonderful present nestled between the storm door and the front door when I arrived home from work! Anphoe, my new friend from Bethany, Connecticut, sent me this lovely box o' goodies (in honor of St. Paddy's day I thought I'd throw in the 'o')!.

Check it out -- there are five (yes 5!) skeins of yarn, something for my soul and sanity (scented bath salts - the round things with a hole in the middle of them in front of the magazine - and mini M&M's in little easter egg), bright and cheerful hotpads (who doesn't need new hotpads?), brain food / wish book (spring issue of Vogue Knitting):

Bethany looks like a beautiful place. Check out the link above to see more photos and stats about the little town between Waterbury and New Haven.

Last, I'd like to wish my cousin Jonnie (yes, she's a girl) a happy birthday today and my friend Steve a happy birthday too - even though I am almost sure neither of them ever reads my blog, but I still like wishing them well for the coming year!

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Kasia said...

What a lovely parcel you got! Have tons of fun with it!

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