Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Friday Night Knitting Club

By now, is there anybody who knits out there who has not read The Friday Night Knitting Club? If so, stop reading now, pick up your needles, and go get something to drink, ok?

On the bus on the way home, Kelli* and I were talking about the story b/c she had just returned my copy. We got to talking about who would play opposite Julia.... We had several interesting ideas... Denzel first of course. Next, Kelli suggested Blair Underwood, but I don't think he's smoothe enough for the role. Don Cheadle has the goods, but he's too old, I think (could be wrong here). Then we both thought of Jesse Martin - SCORE! How cool would that be? wonder if they have any chemistry together? So we parted company to ponder the possibilities.

Comment, ok? What do you knitters think?

*Kelli is a new knitter. She decided her first project would be an afghan (!) and bought herself some yarn, needles and a pattern. Then she decided that maybe she needed to practice some more before making it.... I'll keep you guys posted on her progress.


KSee said...

I will be receiving the audio book today and will start at the end of the week when I finish the one I'm listening to now. Not knowing what part he would play it might make sense for Jessi Martin. I havn't watch L&O this week yet but it was his last show.

Robin C said...

:) I haven't read it.


Firefly Nights said...

I admit it. I haven't read it, but I think I'd better order it. I see comments about it just about everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I loved the book! There is a group on Ravelry about the book if you are interested! thanks for the message!

KSee said...

I was on cd 8 when it would not work. They are sending me a new one. Then I can continue on. Hmmm, I'm going to have to think on this one. Since Jessi left L & O he might be the one.

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