Thursday, October 09, 2008

Woof ...

I am still here, despite rumors to the contrary...! I have not been to TNK (sniff), but I did go to FFF @ Montpelier over this past weekend - it was good. My DBF Chris attended with me and my good buddy O-L aka olmommee. We saw many people and things: alpaca, llamas , TNKrs (Issy, Robin H., Linda, Barbara D. and Rita), RCKrs (Margaret, Carrie and several other lovely ladies whose names I should know), bunnies, border collies, people we did not know (but oddly knew us), yarn, fleece, roving, sheep, goats (did you pet the cashmere pelt?). I looked for The Queen, but did not find where she was spinning tales. I looked for Robin C. but she and her kind, loving hub had been and gone by the time we got there (they had a mission - attend a quilt show in Chantilly). I also looked for Patsy, Deb and some of Patsy's church knitting girls, but alas did not find them either!

Also, Mary K. Larson won a ribbon:

Yeah, Mary!!


Channon said...

Sorry I missed you! Looks like you had a great time...

CraftyGryphon said...

Maybe next year, I'll make it down there. It's not *that* far... but it seems like such a distance, when I'm not the one who has to drive it (and my husband has limited to no interest in Things Fuzzy. I need to get into spinning, just to set him towards creating a Better Spinning Wheel or somesuch, then I couldn't keep him away...)

Glad you had a lovely day!

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