Monday, November 24, 2008

... just another Manic Monday. Wish it was Sunday...

Name that tune (and artist too).

The weekend started off with chores - shopping - groceries - pet schtuff (darn furry babies gotta eat too). Saturday evening C. and I went to a blogless friends' home for dinner - the company and food were good! I got a tour of her studio and viewed her newest venture. (You'll have to wait for photos another time because I did not take my camera.) It was an early evening - we got there about 4:45 and left about 9:30.

Sunday I worked on Christmas presents and turned last week's leftover pork roast into bbq and let it cook all day in the crock pot. UMMM - turned out nice if I say so myself! Tippy (border collie mix #1) has an ear 'problem' - off to the vet for her today if I can just get them on the phone... it is swollen and hurts. On the advice of a nurse friend who has also worked for a vet, I gave her baby aspirin every few hours to maybe help the pain and swelling.... not sure it helped her, but at least I felt like I was doing something for her! She's eating and drinking, so that's a good sign, I think.

Off to start the day. More later / soon...

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Channon said...

Poor Tippy! Hope she feels better soon, and that your Monday isn't so bad after all.

(The Bangles)

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