Saturday, November 29, 2008

yes, we did walk away - well, we walked from the hospital!


Amanda said...

That looks terrible. I hope you are okay. How scary.

KSee said...

Scary. I do have to say the car itself sure held up to let the three of you "walk" away with a ride to the hospital. Too think you flipped over several times the structure held up. I expected to see a pancake.
So glad you are home and will wait for further news about Chris.

Channon said...

Kudos to you for going to look. I never did. The Knight went to look and to fetch my things, but I had no desire to see what was left of my 4Runner!

Hope you're not too sore. How are the guys? Is Chris home yet?

Sue said...

Glad you're all safe. It happened to Rob a few years ago when the front tire blew. We all have even more to be thankful for now.

Nichole said...

Yikes... read about your wreck on Chan's blog and just wanted to say so glad everyone was able to walk away. Hugs.

Paula said...

Oh my! Glad you guys were all okay
That looks so terriable.
I hope the one that hit you guys buys you a new car and pays the medical bills..

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