Friday, January 23, 2009

10 things that I like that begin with an 's' **

1. Spaghetti - I mean, it's pasta, right?! what's not to like!

2. Summertime - kids are out of school, folks can dress business casual, time to go away for a week (or a day or two) ... aahhh ... I can feel the sun now, not too hot, and very little humidity... (I must be on vacation b/c I know I am not describing a summer day in central Virginia!)

3. Sliding boards that propel one into a swimming pool... (I am detecting a theme here)

4. Salad - I love salad and I love a good salad bar! When I was in college (many many years ago), the closest (and least expensive) salad bar was out 29N - the Wendy's across from Fashion Square Mall ... we'd pile in a car on any given Sunday and have the salad bar - it was all you could eat (not that mamby-pamby term they use now, "all you care to eat")! I tried to find a photo of a 1980's vintage Wendy's Salad Bar, but since they died out in fast food restaurants a while back (I guess because of sanitary reasons), it is near impossible to locate one, darn it!

5. Sleep-overs! Even now, I love when I have overnight company or when I go to someone else's house... breakfast is just better with a crowd!

6. Scary movies ... not slasher movies, but suspenseful, tense movies ... where you know there is someone lurking, but he is just out of camera range and the heroine should know he's there, but she doesn't, and we do and ....!!!

7. Seagram's Seven --- oh, baby, a good 7 and 7 on a warm day (or a cool day)(or any day for that matter)

8. Slippers... they just feel soo good on chilly toes - they just say, 'hello, make yourself at home!'

9. Syrah, Petite Syrah - un vino molto bene!

10. Seaweed. Yes, seaweed. If there is seaweed, then there is ocean. If there is ocean, then there is relaxation. Waves lapping (or crashing upon) the shore. Breeze - not a land breeze (which brings flies) but a nice cooling breeze. Lazy days and nights spent with friends and family, singing, playing music, cards, whatever seems right at the time.


**OH! and if you want to play along, like I did with Chan, please leave me a comment that you'd like a letter to write about.


Channon said...

Clearly, you have sun and fun on your mind... Thanks for playing!

Bess said...

Sand! You left out sand with the seaweed. Did you take that photo? I adored the ocean and even though I live so close to it I seldom seem to get down there. I beleive there is a new vow I must take - visit the ocean at least once a summer.

What a peaceful happy making photograph. Thanks!

soulbrush said...

love your s words, i had to do k, yikes, but it was such fun too.

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