Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interviewed by Chanknits

Okay, Chan says:

1. You have a houseful of pets. If you could add another species to your household (no worries about vet bills or special food or...), what and why? I will also assume that the county won't have any problems with another species too! I would love to have some alpacas - they are so cute, have the sweetest faces and they produce loverly wool.

2. Surprise! You get to have an all-expense paid vacation home anywhere in the USA. (And the time off to use it, free airfare, whatever...) Where would it be? I would like to have a little house/cabin/cottage that is not too far from where I really live ... it would be in the woods with water running through it, ponded on it or situated near the ocean or bay. I enjoy the mountains, so perhaps a mountain cabin, with amenities of course, like a 'real' home - with a pretty field stone fireplace, a self-stocking woodbox, a wrap around porch - one part screened in, one part al fresco.

3. You're a single mom. What one trait of yours to you wish your son DIDN'T have? Tom seems to have the knack of getting himself in trouble when he did not intend to... I too can sometimes not think something through enough and end up coming out short... ;)

4. Where do you see yourself in ten years? In 10 years, I would like to be in a stable, committed relationship with a kind, loving, understanding man. I would like to be living in a different house - one with a little bit of wiggle room around it, not in a planned development. I am happy to be working, but would like to perhaps be working at my profession part time and at a passion part time (passion could be knitting, weaving or anything else creative). I also want to be financially stable - I am not a greedy woman and I have said that many times before. I just want to be comfortable and not have to think out (and over-think) every purchase I make.

5. You've been awarded a grant for your favorite non-profit. What lucky organization gets the funds, and why? I would give my grant to an organization that works with needy children as well as animals - rehab through furry-love? I don't know the name of it, but I am sure there is one or two or ten out there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Interesting answers. I feel like I'm getting to know you a little better. Happy DOT!

Channon said...

Of course the county (and your neighborhood organization and anyone else) won't care! Alpacas are neat animals.

Thanks for the interview. Neat answers.

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