Thursday, March 26, 2009

DOT 03.26.09 Petfinder

This is not my usual kind of Dogs on Thursday post. Dogs on Thursday celebrates each of our relationships with our dogs, our friends dogs, our parents dogs, and dogs in general. We love them; all of us; and they love us.

In order to keep the chain of love growing, connects needy dogs (cats and other pets too) and humans.

You may remember a few months ago when I said goodbye to my sister's lovely Lady. Lady had been a comforting member of the family for a very, very long time. Well, I think they are ready to let another doggie girl (or boy) into their hearts and home. DS (dear sister) sent me a Petfinder link to a pretty little doggie girl with a note stating that they hoped to meet her this upcoming weekend! I am happy for them and for whoever they bring home with them. I don't want to identify the specific pup in case it does not work out for some reason. I know you understand. Once they bring their new fur-baby home, I'll get a photo posted of my new dog-niece or -nephew ... hey, that may be next week's post! Cool!

Here's a link to the shelter they are going to visit. This is one that I am not familiar with (which is kind of strange because I like to keep up with things like this). New Journey Animal Rescue in Cumberland County, Virginia.

Joe, my dachshund, came to me through Petfinder. I have a soft spot for them.


Channon said...

Good luck to them!

Beth said...

Our doggie girl is settling down. I hope she works, 'cause she really is cute and sweet. She's bonding with me, but getting a little comfy with the boys too.

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