Thursday, March 05, 2009

DOT March 3, 2009

Jetta sleeping

What a ball o' fire!

Here's lil Missy Jetta - sleeping, exhaustedly. By her nose is a piece of her stuffed cow (cow is now gone, having suffered the fate of many doggie toys - terminal toy disease known as Stuffednomore), where she can grab it and run if necessary! Her pillow? Joe, of course!


dogquilter said...

that's what i want to be doing...snoozing and dreaming :)

Channon said...

Joe is so good to her...

Sue said...

What a great life, a favorite toy to play with and a good friend to nap with.

Marjie said...

My DoT is a snoozing picture, too. They spend a lot of time that way, don't they?

Tina. said...

Miss Jetta looks all played out. That disease must be catching as a few of Dew's and Sampson's toys look like that too!

Happy DOT's!

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