Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knit Night !! Yeah

I've been looking forward to seeing the knitting group all day today! Work's work and what else can I say - other than I'd rather be knitting?

I have also messed around with the format for this blog on and off today, in spare time (before and after work, basically) ... finally figured out that it was a really old post that was making my side bar be a bottom bar so I deleted all the shtuff that seemed to be messed up and - walla! (that's southern french for those uninitated) all fixed up - woo hoo! Now I need to learn about how to make words become links, and that kind of thing.

There's a photo just cause I want to put one there - it is of the rocks where I sat in the middle of the Jackson River cooling off my poor, tired feet Memorial Day Weekend. Other photos are from knit night tonight - you will probably be able to tell which is which! Oh, and I got to meet some folks I had not met before - Lawre and Lu (Lou?)... enjoyed immensely, ladies - thanks!

1 comment:

jax said...

wow its good to know that the old folks home has lots of activities lol

hope all is well,

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