Friday, July 27, 2007

More Lizard Fun

I took this photo yesterday during lunch break - I am really excited about my progress on the techique of short rows. I re-read the designer's bio and noticed this time around that it said she lives on Lizard Ridge in our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains... duh! no wonder this square reminds me of the Blue Ridge...! There's an explanation for everything, isn't there?! Anyhow, this is block 3 of ___ (an as yet to be determined number, possibly as many as 24).
One of my co-workers is smitten with the yarn and pattern too and may begin acquiring yarn for one of her own... I'll keep you posted.
I have also begun posting some photos on Flickr and will be adding links to them in the sidebar on this here blog. I love how I can take a photo with my cell phone, then email it to my Flickr site and voila! there it is for all to see!
What'll they think of next?!

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