Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TNK, Lizards & Longhorns --- OH MY!

You miss one get together and what happens...? Some guy joins up and then brings an awesome FO to share - and not just any FO - a sweater he designed and knit all by himself, for himself! John loves his wife (brings her with him to hang out with his girlfriends!), fights for freedom in Iraq, and he, yes, knits like a pro ... ! John first joined the group last week while I was in Duck and actually came back last night - we must not have scared him off (another point in his favor)!
Jane showed off her Ruana Scrapito - it is really light to wear even tho' it looks substantial. And Amy modelled her lovely new cardigan (see below).

And I had to photograph the first completed strip of my lizard ridge afghan. Jane did too, so if you click her name you can see another shot of it, if you'd like.

A good time was had by all, but we missed those not present (and you know who you are!).


Mary said...

I missed you guys, too. Your Lizard Ridge is coming along beautifully!

R said...

I missed everyone. The back is healing nicely so I should be there next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Robin C

Kasia said...

Your Lizard Ridge looks lovely! I love the colours, so nice and warm! Beautiful job!

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