Sunday, August 12, 2007

Duck ... Duck ... Yarn!

Hi! Tom went with Beth and famille to Duck last Sunday - mom (aka I) got to spend the day with dear R.S. ! We had lunch/brunch at Joe's Inn and dinner at Milepost 5.

I drive down on Wednesday morning to spend the day, night and Thursday with everyone at Cat's Pause in Sanderling. It was really nice. Nephew's friend made everyone lunch, and we spent several hours Wed. afternoon on the beach. Thursday the heat was not as intense and the water was a little warmer than it had been on Wednesday. (confession: dropped by Knitting Addiction for a few minutes before continuing on to the cottage)

When we left the cottage for home, we first stopped by ... Knitting Addiction so I could actually buy something. I kept myself in check, but I did not want to! Oh my gosh! What a wonderful place for a knitting fool. [sigh]

As soon as we drove over the bridge, we ran into a huge thunderstorm complete with lightening and thunder - it was raging! Fortunately it was moving east and we were moving west and north so we put it behind us rather quickly.

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emmy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- I have updated my project for you. I love love Knitting Addiction- the last time we went to OBX we stopped there first thing over the bridge!!! and stayed at least an hour and went back later!!

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