Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Getting ready to go to knit night! woo hoo! looking forward to it - tonight we're celebrating the upcoming birth of Amy's baby... little #3! We had to tell her so that she'd make sure and come tonight.

I also wanted to post my completed beanie for my nephew. It does not look coal black in the photo, but it is.

The next photo is a little hat I made for my friend's new granddaughter, Sklyer Emma who was born on October 3rd. I will take it with me when I go to meet her soon.

I have started on the first little cap I am making for a preemie infant. As a group, we are each making a charity item to take with us to the knitting retreat in January. I plan to make a couple. I'm using the same yarn I made Skyler's little hat with. Too cute.

Off to knitting - I'm sure we'll have a ball!


Mary said...

cute hats!

Robin said...

What pattern is the little cap with the ruffle?? Too cute!

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