Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Starting on the body of the wrap cardi

I am excited - I have set aside my sleeve stitches and started on the body! It is beginning to look like 'something'.

TNK last night was fun - had a new person attend - another Susan.
Mary K. was not present, nor was Robin C., Mary M. or Jane. Mary was having dinner with friends, but Robin is sick (sounds like a flu virus). Mary M. is getting better, but still sicky too. Jane had a school program. Argh - life keeps interrupting knitting - not fair! Feel better soon, ladies!
Jon has finished his dark mark illusion scarf and it looks great - but he needs to go to Kodiak Alaska or somewhere like that to get any real use out of it - it was in the 70s today and Richmond set a new record for heat!

Tami, too, had an FO - scarf she knitted for her brother - looking good, Tam!

1 comment:

KSee said...

Will be looking forward to the pictures. I cast on last night for my first lace project. Will post this weekend.

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