Monday, February 04, 2008

February - O M G !!

Yikes, it's February, another month has flown by. I have been sick, continued with the bad back, gone to Knitting @ the Lake (been avoided due to aforementioned cold), gotten better, attended a River City Knitters monthly meeting, been on a yarn/lunch crawl, driven there and back again (literary reference... do you know it?) and... worked, yes worked most of that time.

Oh, and I started knitting my first garment - real garment that is!! I am sooo excited - it is the Wrap Cardigan Top Down #263 by Knitting Pure & Simple.
I am making it in a lovely varigated green wool from Araucania.

I have more to say, but as usual, not enough time. More later... and photos too! Please check out Mary's or Robin's blogs for wonderful accounts and photos of K@TL. I can't wait until next year -- see my counter-downer up there?!


KSee said...

So glad to hear you have gotten better. It was a pleasure to sit and knit with you and Patsy. Please post pictures of you "real" garment as you go along.

Kasia said...

I love the pattern! (ok, or at least the picture you posted) I'm sure it will look great on you! Yay! Please post some pictures when you're done!
Indeed those 4 weeks offline where terrible. I really thought that I will go nuts and they will lock me up in some asylum... but now I'm back online and kicking :P

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