Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knit It Forward Swap Gift Posted

On Ravelry, there are all kinds of swaps and -alongs a knitter can participate in. One which I am signed up for is the Knit It Forward Swap. My upstream pal was Paula from Florida, NY, and she sent me wonderful stuff (see previous post). My downstream pal, Julie from Phoenix, AZ, will get her package in a day or so ... I hope she likes my gift as much as I liked picking it out for her. When I was in Lynchburg about 10 days ago with Robin C., I bought some lovely Koigu that reminded me of Phoenix (I visited there in the late '80s / early '90s) - the colors are muted and restful. I also enclosed Virginia goodies (which is good since it was a travel / regional swap) - handmade soap from Robin H., peach preserves from Graves Mountain Lodge, a delicious dip mix from somewhere I cannot remember the name of right now! and a couple of other things. I hope that Julie will post a photo so I can drag it over here to show off.

Today is Tuesday - TNK - woo hoo!!

Updated 03-16-08 to post photos of Tuesday's gathering:

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