Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring's on the way / Swap gift #1 here!!

My jonquils are testament to it, but it seems a long way off yet. [imagine a lovely photo of some blooming flowers...]

It has been too long since I have seen my TNK friends... it has been three (3) weeks since I have felt good enough to attend. Hopefully this'll be the magic week to break that lovely (insert sarcasm) spell! The plan is to have dinner at a small cafe on Forest Hill Avenue (that does not actually stay open for dinner but is willing to do so for us this once), then knit at the usual B&N location across from Chesterfield Towne Center.

I accompanied Robin C. on a trek to drop her DD off to meet up with friends (long story involving Norway and North Carolina) and we took a quick side trip to Suzanne's Knitting Shoppee and Quilted Expressions - it was a pretty day for a drive and good company to boot! Thank you for inviting me along, Robin. My camera rode along but did not make it out of it's case!

Just now the mailman came -- I looked out the window and he was heading toward the front door -- carrying a package! A white wrapped parcel. Inside was my regional / travel swap gift from Paula (Florida, NY).

Paula sent me meaningful items from her home county (which is "the onion capital of the world" and from herself. In Florida, NY, Paula tells me that they grow more onions per acre than any other area in the US. Therefore, the package contained onion powder and dried onions (two onion products I can actually eat - for some reason mother nature decided that my body cannot tolerate raw onions anymore and I love onions!). Also a very cute mini apple windchime (another big product of her home county). In addition there were two apple-red candles, a red votive holder, a skein of Bernat yarn and two extra-special skeins of cotton yarn. The cotton came from Paula's grandmother - who died at 84 years old in 2006, which makes it that much more special to both Paula and to me. Thank you Paula, and thank you to your dear grandmother too.

Look how pretty Florida, NY, is:


Theresa said...

Lucky you to get your package already! It's so much fun to learn more about our knit sibs. I had to laugh about the raw onion thing. I LOVE onions, but everytime I attempt to eat raw ones I get sick. Woe is me! And yet I still keep trying!

Kasia said...

Very cool pressies you got!

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