Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I have worked on little but my River City Knitters knit-a-long these past weeks. My multi-tasking brain just does not seem able to focus on more than one knitting project right now. That doesn't mean, though, that I haven't thought about other projects, or mused about starting other projects, or oogled yarn and patterns here and there - no, it doesn't. I just have not put my kneedles to any other projects lately. The good part about that is that I am working on Clue 3 which means that I am right where I am supposed to be. Barb M. has completed Clue 3, but that's ok! She and I compared our wraps last night at TNK and I seem to be on the right track, PTL! Barb is a wonderfully talented, veteran knitter so it was gratifying to see that I had not screwed up completely! I will add a photo of mine soon - just need to take one, ok?

My family is doing ok. Oldest nephew is working hard at his first post-college job; youngest nephew just got back from a week at BSA camp. Sister and bro-in-law took a quick jaunt out of town, but are back again; making do. Lots of 'making do' going on here. On a positive note, my son T turns 16 this Sunday. In anticipation of the next question, no that does not mean he can get his driver's license soon. Well, it could mean that, but it doesn't. He may get his learner's permit now and his license in due time (but no sooner than next spring). While I'd love to have someone else run errands and haul him around, I don't mind waiting for him to earn his license. He probably feels differently, but that's the breaks, eh?

My good friend sent me this lovely photo taken on the Rappahannock recently - thought we needed something lovely to wrap up this post.

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Firefly Nights said...

Your friend is quite a talented artist, and it seems a good photographer, too. Such a tranquil scene.

Glad you and your family seem to be adjusting and getting on with life.

I can't believe it's already time for an RCK meeting again. I haven't touched Clue 3. Will have to get it out and work on it, but I'm so far behind in reading blogs. Where does all the time go?

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