Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Topic 'o week

What says autumn to me?

Woodsmoke - the unmistakable of aroma of woodsmoke - hot dog! someone's got a fire in the fireplace! Where's that kindling...?
My neighbor's maple tree - they have a beautiful maple tree to the left of their driveway and each October it becomes a blaze of yellows, oranges, rusts, gold. It starts coloring on the tippy tops and works its way down the tree till the leaves start falling off.
Sweaters, jackets, socks, shoes (I am mostly a birkenstock sandal girl - so really the change is: with or without socks!)
The dogs finally stop shedding and the daggone fleas go away (has this been a bad year for anyone else? The southeast has been terrible with them; first time in about 10 or more years).

I love the dark mornings and the crisp days and evenings. The light seems to mean more during the fall and winter than it does in the spring and summer. The misty pools of cloud near the ground give way as the sun rises, and an amazing day ensues. I took this photo last October and still remember the feel of the day!


Channon said...

Frontline is our friend. Nary a problem, but Abby - that cutie down the road - has had a whale of a time with fleas!

* Cathy * said...

Believe it or not, we USE Frontline and it is not holding up its end of the bargain this year!

CraftyGryphon said...

The sky turns the Right Color sometime between mid-September and mid-October, and just sits there, cloudless, covering me with crisp, cool air and nuthin' but blue. September skies are my absolute favorites, and are my way of telling fall is *really* here!

Bess said...

Adorable pups!

I remember last autumn just like that photo. I even have my own glorious autumn color photos that could be slipped into any travel magazine. This year seems a wee bit more muted, though the rains we've had lately are bringing out more colors. And of course - I have this stash sweater that is all maple reds and golds. We're lucky, we knitters, to be able to wear our favorite seasons, hmm?

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