Monday, November 17, 2008

Bag N' Tag (warning: lots of words ahead)

I spent Saturday morning with the River City Knitters @ our guild meeting. There was a good program about I-cord as an edging / I-cords applied as, say, letters or a design.... Having not done that before, I was confused at first - then, I got it (kind of like a mini epiphany!). After lunch, several groups went out to lunch - I went to Melito's Restaurant with Linda, Diane, Heidi, Susan and Renee, all of whom are blogless bodies so I cannot link to them. Linda I have known for a while through TNK; Diane for about a year through RCK (with the added connection that she works downtown and is in the legal field too), but the 0ther three ladies are new to me and to RCK; I enjoyed getting to know them a little.

Sunday I awoke with Plans*. Clean the family room floor, help CH get his son's bday present, and work on my closet. My walk-in closet had become, well not a walk-in any more; more of a look in the door and reach in type of place! It really needed a fresh pair of eyes and since it had been so long since I did any maintenance in there, I had the fresh pair needed! I threw out 2+ bags of trash (shoe boxes, dry cleaning bags, broken hangers, etc.), packed up 3 bags of items for Goodwill and managed to get some of my knitting/crafting supplies in there. There is a good deal more to do, but I made significant progress, yes indeed!! (this was the Bag part)

Now, for the tag part.
Chan tagged me on a recent blog post, so now it’s my turn. I’m to comment about the last ten persons who leave a note on my blog. If you’re mentioned below, consider yourself tagged. If you’re not mentioned, it’s just because you weren’t one of the last ten. I very much appreciate you stopping in!! Y'all come back now, ya hear!?

1. Well, there's Chan - we met via River City Knitters and found we have lots in common - how fun!

2. Crafty Gryphon - we met through several routes - several knit-a-longs (KAL for short for non-knitting friends) and through Virginia Knits, brainchild of Olivia and I. She works in the DC area, also a legal-type (pun intended). What is it about us ... maybe we office girls need our creative outlets? I think so, definitely!

3. Emmy - Emmy is a knitting friend I met through 2 of the Robins, Robin C and Robin H. Robin C. & Emmy were swap partners one time and I am not exactly how Robin H. and Emmy know each other except for knitting. Emmy knits with a group out of Colonial Heights which is on the way home for Robin H. when she is travelling between Richmond and Buffalo Junction. We met in real life last January at Knitting at the Lake in Clarksville, which is a lovely knitting retreat / event organized by Robin H.

4. Paula is a www friend from Dogs on Thursday. If you're a dog lover, you should check out the blog - many of us linked up there as a consequence of our puppymania!

(5) Soulbrush and (6) Serendipity visited my blog last week also by way of Dogs of Thursday. There are so many nice folks out there!

7. Amanda found me b/c I had found her via somebody's blogroll (and sorry, I just don't remember who!). This is truly the wonder of the web - people on different sides of the WORLD talking, visiting and having things in common. It is truly a small world.

8. Jill - Jill is a participant of the Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap I joined some weeks back. AACS is a nice way to meet new people and share projects, interests, and other things. Chan was a member first and I followed her there! One of our topics of the week was to visit other members' blogs and see if you have anything in common with them.

9. Jane! Jane is a real-life friend from TNK, Tuesday Night Knitting. She's a teacher at the elementary school where all my sister's boys started their education and knows my sis and knows of the boys (none of them were lucky enough to have her as their teacher). Jane is one of the most prolific knitters I know; and she is not just prolific, she is gifted - how she does it I just don't know!

10. Last but way not least is my good buddy Robin C. Robin I also met at TNK. Since I was invited to participate almost two years ago by Christina (poor blogless Christina, a situation we are going to work on remedying soon), I have met the best group of knitters and the loveliest of folks, Robin C. being one of them. We talk often and have dinner together now and then with our men (who actually like each other). She's a good friend and a good listener. Robin knits, quilts, sews, cooks, gardens, and does lots of other schtuff I like to do!

So, girls, consider yourselves tagged - get out there and POST!!

*plans with a capital P because the chores were some I did not want to procrastinate any longer!


Channon said...

Neat group! Thanks for "playing." I tackled nothing but knitting last night...

soulbrush said...

ooooohhh meeee....yipppppp....i', thrilled to be tagged. woof woof, see you thursday.

Paula said...

Hey thanks! Looks like fun, I will post this week!

Serendipity said...

Hi! Thanks for tagging me! Sounds fun! Will work on it soon.

Amanda said...

Thanks Cathy! I'll be a regular visitor here from now on!

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