Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is Tippy - as you can see, she is oh so elegant in her Elizabethan collar! Tippy's ear is bandaged here because she'd had an aural hematoma aspirated... yeah, yucky and very painful.

This photo is actually about 2.5 weeks old; she is doing much better now. The bandages are off, the collar is off and she is not digging at that ear like before. It has swelled up again, but the vet tells me that happens often in dogs who have this problem. Poor babies.


Paula said...

Oh poor baby. I am glad she is feeling better though.

GoldenTracks said...

Glad she's better. She looks so pitiful in the pic ;-(

they can really make you feel guilty for taking care of them, can't they?

vegasangelbrat said...

Aw, hope she gets better soon! Sending well licks and woof her way!

Channon said...

What a sad photo! I hope her ear heals completely, and soon!

gaylen said...

Poor baby. They just hate having that darn collar on, don't they? Does you're milk it for all it's worth? g

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm glad she is feeling better. Charli and I are sending hugs.

A Blog In The Rough said...

awww, glad to hear she's better. I hate seeing dogs in those poor collars!

soulbrush said...

aaaaw poor little girl. happy xmas to you and yours. from snuffles and me.

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