Monday, December 15, 2008

RCK Holiday Party and Elections for 2009

Saturday was River City Knitters' end of the year holiday luncheon. I was rushed and harried that morning so instead of holiday attire, I decorated myself with my newest FO - The Anne! She is most lovely and received many compliments! Below is her photo with me as the mannequin! (Judy W. - you take good photos!)

Chris' son came over to see us at my house on Saturday afternoon (first time) - perhaps he wanted to check out the digs? I don't know - who can make sense of teenagers?! T. was at work, so Chris and I took A. out for Mexican. I am glad that he finally came by to see us. While I was at my RCK meeting, Chris got the icicle lights up outside and it really looks pretty. I am glad he did that so A. could see them too.


Robin C said...

I like that shawl. Where did you get the pattern? next time I see you remind me to show you the Alpaca Shawl (woven) I got in DC at the show I worked with Ray. It is gorgeous. I love it.

Channon said...

That shawl truly is lovely...

Outside lights. What a concept. We aren't even putting up a tree this year.

KSee said...

Great job, Cat. If it isn't gifted bring it along in January to the retreat.

Firefly Nights said...

I'm so sorry I missed the RCK party. Your shawl is lovely, but do you have a photo of your RCK shawl? You had the prettiest yarn of all of us.

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