Thursday, December 04, 2008

Insane? I don't think so!

In case you ever wondered, in the late 1800's there were 125 reasons you might be admitted to an insane asylum... any of these look familiar to you? Fortunately, getting hit from behind (in your buggy?) is not one of them!

On the dog front, nothing is new! Tippy is recuperating from her aural hematoma, slowly, and everyone else is doing good. Jetta & Joe are wrestling right now, Tico is trying to nap and Miss Piggy is doing old dog stuff (snuffling on the floor eating dust or whatever she can find).

We are all still trying to get over the accident. The other driver was unlicensed (and hence uninsured) and the police report indicates that we flipped over twice before sliding quite a distance and stopping just short of the jersey wall in the middle of the highway.

Knitting - I have a new FO but can't post here due to possible readership by recipient (will put on Ravelry though when I get a chance b/c she does not go there). I have an almost FO for moi - almost b/c I ran out of yarn (gasp) and the color is discontinued (Noro Silk Garden #203). I found 2 skeins on Ravelry and the owner is willing to swap for 2 skeins of something I have so all is good; she's even a fellow Virginian! The project is one I had with me in the car (read accident) and I am looking forward to completing it and using it over the holidays.

Take care all and keep an eye in the rear view mirror for unlicensed, drunk, illegal aliens coming up fast behind you!


Channon said...

What about Joe? He wasn't up to par either, last I heard... I'm assuming no report means it was just a bad day for a little dog-guy?

Amanda said...

It takes a bit of time getting over an accident like that. I think the consequences of the shock stays in your system for quite some time. Of course knitting always helps!

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