Monday, January 12, 2009

Crash, Court and Continuation

The driver who hit us (and ran away) on Thanksgiving went to court on Friday morning. He was found guilty of dui, driving w/out a license and something else like that. The felony hit and run charge was removed to circuit court. He has appealed the 3 charges he was found guilty of so all 4 matters will be heard together in circuit court at a later date (March or April I have been told). Chris continues to not be able to hear from left ear and experiences buzzing and numbness - he goes back for to the doctor this week. T. and I continue to be pretty good - no ill after-effects from the accident.

On the knitting front, I have several FO's but need to photograph all of them. One of which is pictured here. It was made with some lovely Silky Wool and has a nice drape.
Friday, I go out of town for KATL (that would be Knitting at the Lake) '09! Woo hoo - girls, yarn, food, friendship, visiting ... what more can one knitting geek ask?!?

And, what you ask, is the significance of the below photo? That, friends, is the most excellent package received from Sarah R. my AACS upstream partner! The coffee was named 'cowboy' and was stong and delicious. There are two different kinds of yarn, and 3 different types of goodies to eat, as well as a cool ceramic coffee mug with built in heat deflector (see, I am a geek)! Can you feel my smile?


Channon said...

Glad you got spoiled. Sorry about the appeal, and I do hope Chris's hearing issues are resolved soon.

See you Friday!

CraftyGryphon said...

Well, the [jerk] will appeal as long as he can. He may figure if he's found "not guilty" (HAH!) then you wouldn't be able to sue him personally. (It didn't work for OJ Simpson either.)

Hope Chris's ears get better soon!

Sue said...

What a pretty scarf. That's one of my favorite colors. Have fun this weekend, you deserve it.

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