Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jan0809 - Happy Dogs on Thursday

Jetta (almost 7 month old ART, seen in photo using Joe the Dachshund as a pillow) is becoming very vocal at our house... she is not shy with the family and has taken to talking almost as much as the humans! It is a hoot when kept in moderation -- if you're eating something in the living room, she'll get eye level with you (accomplished by jumping gazelle-like onto an adjacent piece of furniture) and howl, growl and yip to advise that she'd like a bite, too, please. When she first started this behavior, we laughed - I mean, how cute? right? Now, though, I have remembered good advice I have read: don't treat little dogs any differently than big dogs just because they are smaller in stature and not as physically demonstrative as their larger counterparts. So, we let her have a say, then I shush her and make her go away, lie down or sit quietly (as all good dogs should when their humans are eating). I do wish I could include a sound bite, so I'll have to see if I can figure out how!


gaylen said...

It's so hard when they are so cute. Keep being strict or she'll rule the house. Happy New Year! g

Channon said...

Poor Joe. I think he must match Sissy in patience with the little one... And how big Jetta has gotten! Gretchen is getting more vocal too.

dogquilter said...

How funny! Apparently Joe doesn't really mind though. Somehow when we got Charlotte I didn't discipline as much so she can get out of control quickly...not that Wilbur is the picture of control either. :)

KSee said...

What a great picture. If you camera has a movie setting do that and it is easy to upload the movie in blo0ger. It would be a hoot to see Jetta in action

Robin said...

My cats are begging now. Anytime they're inside and hear me rattle something or open the fridge door, they come running. Then, they stand up / sit up and beg or reach up on my leg. It used to be cute but now it's a little irritating. I love Tippy's ears!

Firefly Nights said...

I just can't get over all you folks who have dogs that like each other and sleep all over each other. Mine tolerate each other and that's about it, although they know they're part of the same family.

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