Tuesday, February 03, 2009

If it's Tuesday, this must be ...

Belgium would be the response if this were a 1960's movie starring Suzanne Pleshette, but this is not a '60's movie, and I am definitely not in Belgium, although we did have a nice dusting of snow overnight! Jetta was thrilled and ran all around like a little nut, not having seen such a wonder before; the other dogs just looked outside and tried to do the back-up thing.... oh, no, not me, I'm not going out there! (especially Joe, the dachshund - low carriage there and all). I wish I had taken a photo, but I did not. I lost track of time and had to hurry to catch the latest express bus to work (yesterday I missed the last express morning bus and had to take the local...). I ramble (sorry!).

Tonight is Knit Night - I so enjoy going and have made so few over the last few months. We meet at Ukrops now instead of Barnes & Noble; they allow us to use their "celebration room" if it is not booked by a paying customer - which is really nice of them. It is also nice to meet there because if you work downtown like me and don't have time to get home, cook / eat dinner before going out, you can get something relatively healthy already prepared and eat prior to knitting with the group. If you are unfamiliar with our local super market chain, you can click the above link and become envious that Ukrops is not in your area!

Knitting update: I finished George's MDDS (which I named Woody after the yarn used) and gave it to him on Sunday - he was thrilled... I was really touched that he had asked Chris if I would make him a scarf (in manly colors). He allowed that it was sufficiently manly when I presented it to him. Here's a photo of it hanging out of my Fred Duncan market basket (on left):
0130091426.jpg 1210081517.jpg

And next to Woody above is a photo of C's mom's MDDS (warning: tangent coming). Oma's scarf is knitted with yarn she gave to me. This yarn was purchased either by her or by her mother for a project that was never started; it was all bagged up together, all the colors, ready to become ... something for someone. I thought it would be nice if it really did become something, so I knit her scarf with it. I think she liked my intent.

Anyway, progress continues on my February Lady Sweater (aka Blackberry Twist sweater): I am almost done with the yoke - Yeah!

Happy Knitting all ---


Channon said...

I am indeed grumpy that there's no Ukrops in my area. Hrmph. Congrats on the FOs and knitting progress!

Alpaca Granny said...

I didn't get to see your pictures. When I clicked on them, they took me to Flickr, but there were no pictures there either.

Firefly Nights said...

It's great that your group gets to use a separate room most of the time. That's also one of the many nice things about RCK. I stopped by one of the local knit nights around here sometime last year but the Panera's atmosphere just didn't do anything for me. I don't want to go to a group event and have to compete with the general public, etc.

Christina said...

I love the scarf for Chris' mom, the colors are so pretty. It is especially nice that you were the one to find the purpose for that yarn!

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